Types of fiber: Soluble fiber Vs Insoluble Fiber

Two Types of Fiber | Why you should eat both?

Dietary fiber, including the two types of fiber, is the indigestible part of the plant that is an important nutrient for the body. Fiber forms the basis of any well-balanced diet plan and the part that not many like is that it is only present in vegetables and fruits, both of which are not preferred by many.

Full Balanced meal with the two types of fiber
Full Balanced meal with the two types of fiber

Meat is the most favored food for most people. Although it is a good source of protein, it lacks fiber. Given that, fiber is not present in any dairy or meat products. Pairing up your meat with a healthy portion of vegetables is vital to your health u the long run.

Fiber is not present in any processed food that you might find at your Walmart, moreover, the fiber is removed. Given that people have started consuming these canned foods, processed foods on a regular basis, their bodies fiber to ensure they have a healthy life in the future. There are other cases where isolated fiber is added to the food after processing which is not healthy in any way and does not cover up the deficiencies.

Most of the menu items served at restaurants and fast-food chains except for a few fine dining restaurants, also lack fiber. Fiber is present in homemade food abundantly, that is why many people say that there are so many benefits of homemade food.

Even though it is easier for working people to just grab some processed food or even order some takeout, it is not good for their health. We cannot stress enough the importance of fibers for your body. Here are some reasons why you should eat food high in fiber.

Benefits of having a meal with both the types of fiber regularly:

For starters, fiber is the single most important nutrient for any weight loss plan or diet plan program. Ask any trainer or any fitness coach and they would ask you to have a fruit or have some boiled vegetables along with some protein for a full balanced meal. There are many foods high in fiber.

Full Balanced Meal
Full Balanced Meal

The next question that is up in your head is, how does fiber aid in weight loss? Let me tell you. After your meal, your blood glucose level tends to rise which helps in the digestive process. But too much glucose is bad for your body. If the body senses excess glucose in the blood, then it secrets more insulin than needed to offset the high glucose levels. The extra insulin prompts the body to store fat which in turn prevents the body from using the fat as a source of energy and naturally, in the long run, you will gain weight or could lead to heart diseases as well.

Fiber is not digested by the system, but this nutrient acts as a barrier and prevents excessive glucose from entering the bloodstream. As there is an optimal amount of blood glucose level, the insulin is maintained at the correct level and the fat costumed is burned and used by the body as a source of energy. And burning fat keeps your weight in check and combined with good exercise you could see some healthy weight loss.

Now you know why fiber is important for the body, let’s look at the types of fiber available naturally.

Types of Fiber in Plants:

There are essentially two types of fibers present in vegetables and fruits. There are many fruits high in fiber and vegetables high in fiber. Each of which aid in improving the different processes of the digestive system, but both are equally essential for the human body. The two types are Soluble fiber and Insoluble fiber.

types of fiber
Types of Fiber. Source: Nugo Fiber

Soluble Fiber:

This type of fiber helps with

Help keep weight in check: Fiber stimulates the body to start using the fat consumed as a source of energy once it finishes up using the glucose in the food. This helps maintain your weight and could lead to a healthy weight loss.

Keeps cholesterol levels in check: Soluble fiber attaches itself on to the cholesterol causing particles and ensures that they are removed from the body without entering the bloodstream. Due to this, the heart remains unaffected and in turn, keeps the cholesterol levels under control.

Maintains blood sugar levels: Fibers act as a barrier that prevents excess glucose (sugar) from entering the blood stream and thereby maintaining the sugar levels in the blood.

Reduces risk of heart diseases: As it controls the cholesterol levels, burns off the excess fat and keeps the blood sugar level in place, in turn, it protects the heart as well which reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

For foods that are rich in soluble fiber, refer to this article here.

Insoluble Fiber:

This type of fiber helps with

Healthy Bowel Movements: Insoluble fiber improves bowel-related health problems, like constipation, hemorrhoids, and fecal incontinence. This fiber ensures safe passage for the stool through the intestines, it also creates the bulk in the stool and maintains regular bowel movements.

Prevents constipation: This fiber absorbs fluids and sticks itself to other elements of the entire digestion process that are ready to be formed into the stool. Its presence speeds up the movement and processing of waste, helping prevent gastrointestinal blockage and constipation or reduced bowel movements.

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Now that you know all the differences between the two types of fibers, you would have also learned the importance of having a fiber-rich meal daily. If you eat out or eat processed foods regularly, learn to start cooking at your home. There are numerous tutorials and websites that help you make a decent meal for yourself.

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