7 Fiber Rich Indian foods you did not know about

There are so many fiber-rich Indian foods in the world that it is almost natural for Indians to consume the required amount of fiber on a regular basis. When it comes to penning down the reasons that contribute to the distinctiveness of Indian cuisine, the list goes too long. Indian foods are incredibly appealing in appearance and are an assured way to savor your taste buds. The dishes are full-flavored with the appropriate amount of spices as well as richness.

Fiber Rich Indian foods
Fiber Rich Indian foods. Source: Blue Osa

Undoubtedly, the peculiarity of the Indian food is bountiful, not only in terms of taste but also when it comes to health. The variety of Indian food is extremely wide, and each assortment is profuse in nutrients that are required for the functioning of a healthy body. Almost every Indian meal contains all the vital nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and fiber in an adequate amount. A portion of Indian food is significantly infused with aromatic spices, which provide medicinal benefits too, followed by flavors.

Fiber-rich Indian foods are not only healthy but can also turn out to be palatable if blended with the correct amount of spices and ingredients. There are two types of fiber and there are many reasons why you should eat food high in fiber.

List of fiber-rich Indian foods


Chickpeas belong to the legume family, grown with a grainy texture, and have a nutty taste that blends well with Indian spices. Chickpeas are packed with the nutritional value of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They contain a moderate amount of protein and fiber that contribute widely to weight loss by lowering down your appetite. Chickpeas contain several properties that may aid your blood sugar level, as they have a low glycemic index. In India, chickpea curry with rice is one of the most popular dishes for lunch or dinner.

The fiber content in chickpeas is 2 grams per 28 grams.

Fiber Rich Indian foods Chickpea
Chickpeas. Source: Healthy Nibbles

High fiber Rotis and Parathas

Grains like bajra, jowar, and wheat are excessively filled with fiber. The health benefits of these parathas are even more marked up if eaten with fiber-rich vegetables. Bajra, jowar, and wheat are low in calories, hence, they make you feel fuller for a long time. Rotis are, however, one of the best fiber-rich Indian foods. These weight loss friendly, fiber-rich chapatis can never disappoint your meal. So go ahead and make these chapatis an add-on to your daily meal.  

Soup salad combination

Garlic vegetable soup or baby spinach soup can be a healthy substitute for your heavy meal. Spinach is incredibly high in fiber, but if you’re bored of eating it in the form of salads, then you can definitely try this variation of spinach as soup. This recipe can be a perfect balance for your weight loss while consisting of all the nutrients that are essential for your diet. Having that said, this recipe is all set to boost your metabolism as it is intensely high in fiber.

Green Pea Khichdi

If you’re craving veggies as your meal but do not want to intake many calories, then green pea khichdi can be your savior. The recipe contains all the goodness of nutrients and tastes scrumptious. It is a blend of rice and green peas which hugely promotes weight loss. As far as flavors are concerned, this recipe will not fail to please your taste buds, as it is infused with aromatic and delectable spices. Since the fiber content in green peas is competent, green pea khichdi can surely be your diet-friendly meal.

Fiber Rich Indian foods Green Pea Khichdi
Green Pea Khichidi. Source: Tarla dalal

Broken wheat (Daliya)

A bowl full of broken rice tops the chart when it comes to healthy breakfast. In India, broken rice is often termed as ‘daliya’. If you’re a rice lover but are efforting to cut carbs and your diet doesn’t allow rice, then daliya can be a delicious alternative for you. Daliya can either be cooked and eaten in the form of porridge with nuts or in the form of a spicy breakfast, cooked with veggies. It is extremely high in fiber and low in calories, hence it facilitates weight loss by lowering down your appetite.

Mixed sprouts

Sprouts are considered to be a prominent source of protein and fiber. Sprouts can be eaten in many forms, such as salad, soup, and even as snacks. The nutritious value in sprouts is top-notch, as they are low in calories and high in protein. Besides weight loss, sprouts may also help you keep your blood sugar level under control. They also provide benefits to your digestive system due to the high amount of fiber present in them. Sprouts can be found in various forms in the market, some of which may include, bean and pea sprouts, sprouted grains, leafy sprouts, nut sprouts; and all of them are tremendously healthy.

Kidney beans

Kidney beans curry is of the most sought-after dishes that no Indian can resist. They are a powerhouse of protein, carbs, and fiber. They contain a substantial amount of resistant starch which plays a vital role in the weight management of the body. They are packed with insoluble fibers in the form of Alpha-Galactosides which function as prebiotics and aid your digestion. Kidney beans are utterly delicious if properly cooked. However, improper or partial cooking of kidney beans may lead to toxicity for some people.

The fiber content in kidney beans is 6.4 grams per 100 grams.

kidney beans
Kidney Beans. Source: Palak Saki


The wide variety of spices, food, and grains in India contribute to making Indian food one of the most wholesome foods in the world. The preliminary reason for this regard is the diversity of Indian food. Jowar, Bajra, wheat, and different other rice grains are grown affluently in India. However, the major highlight behind every Indian dish is its spices and oil.

Researches claim that people who consume home-cooked meals daily tend to live a happier and healthier life. While cooking food at home, you can add the right amount of spices, sugar, and other additives according to your will. Homecooked food provides numerous health benefits to the body, as you are free to add the right amount of fats and carbs to your food. Due to the presence of yummy Indian spices and other ingredients, you can enjoy fiber-rich Indian foods and delight the perks of dieting.

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