7 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Homemade Food Delivery Service

When food is prepared at home, it is substantially inclusive of all the natural ingredients as compared to commercially prepared food. The food which is prepared commercially comprises bouts of sugar, fat, and sodium and is thereby unhealthy. Whereas in good homemade food delivery service, food is utmost hygienic as you’ve full control in your palms for the amount and quantity of ingredients that you’re adding into your dish. There are many benefits to homemade food. Homely foods are packed with natural and healthy ingredients, while commercial foods highlight a lot of additives.

Homemade Food Delivery
Homemade Food Delivery

Consequently, while ordering homemade food, we get to eat hygienic meals containing vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals.

List of Things to Consider While Choosing a Homemade Food Delivery in Chennai

Freshness of the food

If you’re ordering homemade food online, you can completely be assured of its quality and contamination. While restaurants may deliver stale food to your door, homemade food is consistently cooked fresh whenever ordered. They do not pack the stale or leftover food for new orders, the food is cooked afresh whenever a particular order takes place.

If you belong to Chennai, you can wholly rely on Velsheekitchens to cater to the needs of your taste buds. Velsheekitches uses farm-fresh ingredients and prepares the dishes thereupon to you.

Here is a video to better illustrate the major differences between restaurant food and homemade food:


Sanitation and hygiene of ordered food are of utmost crucial and should be a fundamental check of a customer before placing his/her order. Food sanitation holds great value in the restaurant service where food is the prime focus. As we are well aware, food is extremely prone to adulteration due to natural factors; the maintenance of sanitation and hygiene of food is certainly critical.

One must thoroughly acknowledge the quality of the source of his food before making the order. Nowadays, many restaurants in Chennai fail to keep up with the required level of customer satisfaction, not because of their taste but majorly because of their hygiene, however, Velshee Kitchens take profound care of its customers’ health and therefore delivers fresh and hygienic food to your door.

Sanitation. Source: Webstaurant Store


Cost is the primary concern of people when it comes to dining. One might not always be willing to spend time and energy while cooking at home and therefore they often tend to dine in their preferred restaurants. Where visiting a restaurant might demand your valuable time, ordering food online from restaurants can too make you pay heavy bills.

In order to rescue you from wasting your time and precious money, the idea of homemade food delivering was originated. Isn’t it amazing to know that you can order finger-licking food at your doorsteps without causing a hole into your pocket? Homemade foods are far cheaper and more hygienic as compared to restaurants. Therefore, think wisely before you plan to invest your money in feasting.

Mode of payment

Every food delivery channel comes up with various modes of payment for their customers to pay them. Due to the fast-paced lifestyle, nowadays most of the population prefer digital payment rather than cash on delivery. Having that said, it is fairly significant for you to consider your preferred mode of payment while ordering food.

Velsheekitchens, one of the best homemade food services in Chennai gives you manifold digital options to make your payment, which includes Google pay, PayPal, and all major credit and debit cards. They also accept payment as cash on delivery via Swiggy and Zomato, ensuring to fulfill the needs of the customers they handle.

No additives

When you cook at home, you’re completely vigilant to all the ingredients that you add into your dish. On the other hand, when you’re ordering food from restaurants, it is quite ambiguous and difficult for you to speculate the additives that have been served to you in your food. Many restaurants add preservatives and harmful flavours in the food to please your taste buds which later tends to cause havoc in your stomach. In order to stay distant from such chaos, it is much better to be dependent on the homemade food services, as they are much more trusted in terms of quality.

Time taken for delivery

The time taken for delivery depends solely on the location of the food-service where you’ve ordered your food from. Even a good cooked food becomes tasteless if served after much linger. Therefore, the time taken for delivery is equally important as the quality of the food. The delivery of homemade food services is much faster than that of the restaurants’. Moreover, the food delivered is free from all sorts of staleness and contamination which adds a layer of trust for the customers.

Time Taken for Delivery. Source: Economist

The story behind the service

Last but not the least, every food business has a story that explains the reason as to why the people behind it eventually started the service. Knowing that story could bring a sense of belonging to that community and if their reason is something that you strongly feel about then the money you spent on that food is indirectly investing in that reason.

For example, we started Velshee Kitchens because moms in our community had their children studying in another state or even another country altogether. Those children complained of being sick constantly and had difficulty finding good food given that their busy lives did not give them a chance to cook food regularly. So the moms decided to start this homemade food delivery service to help other children in Chennai to eat proper homemade food regularly at affordable prices. If this is a reason that you connect with then do choose us for your homemade food delivery needs.


Undoubtedly, homemade food servicing is much more credible than that of the restaurants’ but still, you need to give a check to all the considerations before you plan to finalize your order. Make sure you acknowledge all your needs and requirements thoroughly to prevent future disarrays while ordering homemade food in Chennai.

As far as the quality of food is concerned, Velshee kitchens provide the best homemade food in Chennai, do give a check on the Menu and you can contact us on +91 7358449172 for making your orders.

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