fiber rich foods in tamil

Fiber Rich Foods in Tamil: How is it pronounced?

When you read about different diet plans and charts or even an online health blog, they always suggest some food high in fiber. And you may not know the equivalent of those foods in the local language. Many people, including me, have wondered what those fiber rich foods in Tamil would be.

fiber rich foods in tamil
Fiber rich foods. Source: Nutra Ingredients

Here are some of the fruits and vegetables for which I found it difficult to find a Tamil equivalent. There are many fruits high in fiber, vegetables high in fiber, and also fiber rich Indian foods.

Just so you wanted to know, Fiber rich foods is “நார்ச்சத்து நிறைந்த உணவுகள்

List of Fiber Rich Foods in Tamil:

Avocado Fruit:

Venney Palam (வெண்ணெய் பழம்)


Vazhai Palam (வாழை பழம்)


Payaru (பயறு)


Mulaikal (முளைகள்)


Sundal (சுண்டல்)

Chia Seeds:

Sia Vidhaigal (சியா விதைகள்)

Collard Greens:

Kalart Kiraigal (காலார்ட் கீரைகள்)

Fiber is an essential ingredient that the body needs to keep our metabolism high. This helps us to maintain our weight and helps keep body glucose levels in check. These vegetables and fruits are easily available in Chennai at any of the Pazhamudir Nilayams or even your local vegetable vendor.

They normally say, juice your vegetables and eat your fruits. The same applies to any diet. I know that many people find it hard to actually eat veggies, but the results of your hard work will not arrive as expected if you do not consume a healthy portion of vegetables every day. Meat and dairy are important, but they are not the sole nutrients that your body runs on.

Avoid processed food and minimize eating out as much as possible. Except for fine dining restaurants, there are not many places that serve really hygienic food. You will consume unwanted calories and it will show up on your waist line as time passes.

We will keep updating this list. Come back for more. For more content like this, keep checking Velshee Kitchen’s blog.

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