7 steps to host the best family game night

7 Steps To Host The Best Family Game Night

Due to the fast-paced human life and busy schedules, the modern world is subtly getting disconnected from their own families. A recent survey found that 60% of parents with kids between the age of 4-18 described their lives as “hectic”. It was also found that an urban family spends approximately 37 minutes of quality time together in a day. Amidst the digital world and busy schedules, even dining together feels like a hard nut to crack, let alone a family game night.

amily game night
Fun Family Game Night

The idea of family game night originated as a way out to this predicament. Putting up a proper game-schedule on your calendar is an assured way to bring up the family together and stay connected. As and how the world is evolving, the idea of gaming is advancing day by day. There are tons of games available to play with your family during the weekend, suiting every age and generation aptly. However, while hosting a family game night, it is crucial for one to have a suitable plan to go with. 

Steps to host the best family game night

Know your audience

If you’re planning to host a family game night, you must read your audience and focus on their preferences. The most important concern for a host is to be well aware of who’s coming over to play and how many people have you invited. As a host, one is ought to get down to his guests’ demands more than his own. The games should be preplanned and arranged according to the class of audiences, whether there’re children involved or it’s an all adult game night.

Get your snacks

The idea to host any party relies majorly on snacking and dining. As far as snacking or dining is concerned, it is critical to have a plan set in your mind that whether you’re planning to serve snacks before games or after you’re done. Having that said, both snacking and dining can go hand in hand and would be most preferable to your guests. You can have a short go with your snacks before gaming and can host a delectable dinner before your guests decide to depart. The snacking session should really be light and short, to feel rejuvenated for the idea of gaming by not having a heavy stomach in the first place. A few bags of chips and cookies would be enough for snacking if you’re planning to host a dinner too. 

Homemade food for family game night
Homemade food for family game night

If your guests are fond of homemade food more than the restaurants’, then you can unambiguously rely on Velshee kitchens for the idea of feasting, as it delivers the best homemade food in Chennai.

Get a quality sound system

A good sound system captivates the audience’s attention more than anything else. The fundamental focus of the audience lingers around the music as it keeps them groovy. If you accomplish the task of setting up a quality sound source then you’ve done half of the job already. A scientific study claimed that sound strengthens the ability to retain the memory of experience for a long time. Therefore, focus your attention on getting a good quality sound system, comprising a fascinating playlist for your audience to groove.

Choosing games for family game night

Unquestionably, a game night inherently revolves around a series of kickass games. However, there might be a possibility of contradictions between your choice of games and your audience’s. To abstain from the situation of being regarded as a self-centered host, it is better to have a backup plan in advance for your audience.

Plan out your activities

A good host must be well figured with the sequence of all the activities that he’s planning to bring to his night, so as to prevent the state of bewilderment during the time of execution. As it is said, a well thought out plan does half of the job already, hence, one must be extremely vigilant towards his plans and their respective progressions.

Involve creativity (make it competitive)

A game night devoid of competition sounds as dull as dishwater. Since the responsibility of arranging games lies in the hands of the host, he should validate that his games do involve tough competition so as to make the games compelling yet engrossing.

Get social and interactive

The prime objective of family night was to socialize more and stay connected with our family and loved ones. Therefore, one mustn’t be forgetful to the idea of the invention of family game night; the host should make sure that none of his guests feels exhausted anytime during the party, he must arrange proper entertainment sources prior to the party and should effort in making the night full of banter.


While there doesn’t always have to be a winner or a loser designated for each game night, it’s a good boost of confidence every once in a while for everyone in the family to feel like a winner. That confidence then turns into happiness, which is an instant mood enhancer for all.

If you decide to have a weekly family game night, then you’ve started a weekly tradition of staying connected with your loved ones while enjoying your nights in the same place.  The best aspect of a tradition is that it’s something that is planned and guaranteed to happen without any interruptions.

Hence, schedule a family game night on your calendar and enjoy reconnecting together as a family.

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